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Default 5 club juggling

5 clubs is what i'm currently practising. i'm pretty good with learning by myself just from practise, but if anyone has some tips or tricks they'd like to share...

right now i'm getting through a couple cycles and my throws get lower and faster and everything goes to shit... i guess the easy fix for that would be to throw higher and slower?? yeah, duh. so, any tips?
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Steven Ragatz
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Default - more than you ever thought you wanted to know...

Specifically, work four in a five pattern and three club chase. Also work three clubs in one hand on each side. Short clean trials are preferable to long sloppy ones.

Steven Ragatz
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Mr Qwirk
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its taken me 2 years to get a good consistent pattern.

keep practising, itll eventually start to slow down.
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short practice sessions are better, it doesn't take long to make your muscles tired when juggling 5 clubs.
it's quite common that people tend to raise there shoulders, concentrate on keeping them down.
I found different clubs made a difference and ended up with henrys albatros which I found had a nice slow flight.
I never got into practising a 5 pattern with 4 or 3 clubs, but some people find it helpful. 3 in 1 hand I did do, I think it just helps endurance and timing.

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Mr.Taxi Trix
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The clubs do make a huge difference. I like Dube Americans for a long slow stay in the air, though the new knobs are bad. Usually, you can go wider than you think. Remember to breathe, or your body will drop so it can start breathing again.
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