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Thumbs Up Clearwater beach

Me and the group went to Clearwater beach this past weekend on vacation and had a blast! WOW! What a party we did at least 3 shows a night sharing the spot with Dallas and a new Breakdance group we inspired when we were working the beach full time a couple of years ago. props to that group they actually took a couple of days off so we can make money for our hotels expenses, the beach is to small for 2 break dance groups especially when the shows are similar.
For a couple of days it was just our act on the beach and Dallas the fire guy and we made pretty good money, more then we exspected since all we wanted to make was beer and steak money.
I really recommend Clearwater beach if your a street performer that wants to go on a paid vacation, well not really paid but you know what I mean just do few shows a night on a beutiful beach during sunset with beautiful women in bikini's walking around and for the rest of the day do what ever, you don't have to wake up early sunset's in the evening PARTY BABY! PARTY!

If you go there's place called shepard's that's the location of 3 night clubs in one and the best buffet in the bay area.
Thursday nights $15.00 all you can drink Sunday night $1.00 drinks all night and wet T-shirt contest. There Is a dress code one of the guys in my group had to go back to the hotel 3 times to change because his Tshirt was to baggy they said it must be over his shirt zipper but you can come with house slippers with no socks shorts and a wrinkled collard shirt that covers your zipper, basicly a College preppy look is fine.
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Default Thanks guys!!


I was once again a pleasure working with you guys. I really enjjoyed finally seeing the whole cast (mini me) doing it. I had a blast a Busch Gardens also. Nick had a great time!!!!

It was awkward having two breakdance groups on the pitch, but once again The USA breakdancers showed proffessionalism and all worked out well.

You guys are always welcome!!!!!
Busker Coordinator/ Performer- Sunsets at Pier 60 Daily Festival
Clearwater beach, Florida
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