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Default Busking in New Haven

This past weekend we performed in New Haven at an event called Concert on the green, hope I got the name correct.
The weather had no mercy on us so the turn out was not what we and the organizers of the concert anticipated.
Eventually the rain stopped and we managed to do two shows at a location that seemed almost impossible to make a crowd but when we started our music and did a little yelling on the microphone people came out of no where. Just from that alone we know that New Haven has potential we would be glad to come back and try it again, weather permiting.

I want to thank Brian Hornby for inviting us to New Haven.
Brian made our group feel very welcomed and treated us with mad respect.


Thank you for the dinner Brian the restaurant you chose as our sponsor for that evening was awsome!!!


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Hey Julio,

I did this gig the weekend before you and I had the same experience. I pulled three crowds out of thin air.

The third one was actually quite unbelieveable... I had decided to pack up and head home because there was literally no one in sight on the entire street.

As I was putting my props away, a man and his little kid walked up and asked if they had missed the show. I told them that I had just done two performances and that since there wasn't enough people around for another show, I was going to go home. The little kid looked pretty bummed, so I decided to do a few "special" three club tricks for him. As soon as I started juggling, 4 more people showed up and within about 60 seconds, I had about 10 very enthusiastic people watching.

I ran through my basic 3 club routine, thinking I'd just end with a flourish and say goodnight... but all of a sudden there were 20 people and they were all cheering. I was totally baffled. So I just launched into my show and wound up having the most fun performance of the night, ending with the biggest crowd of the night.

However, after that show, it started to get a little drunk out there and I decided to pack up for real.

Overall I had an enjoyable time in New Haven. There is definitely potential for bigger shows and bigger hats (in the right location and right time frame.) They need to tweak the scheduling and pitch locations, but I can only see things improving. The people were really responsive and appreciative.

And yes, Brian treated me very well, too. Thanks Brian!
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Default Roots

I lived in Connecticut for almost 3 years when we came back from Europe... I was about 7 or 8 when I lived there ...I taught myself how to balance a rake on my hand in my front yard (my 1st trick) around 1958 ... I lived at a corner house ... the address was 866 Elm St. ... next time anyone goes to New Haven please go by that house (if it still stands) and then go down 4 or 5 houses down and beat the shit out of Eddie Ginty for me.
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I beat Eddie Ginty up last week, actually. Didn't like the look of him.
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I was just headed down there for that very purpose.
Well, maybe I WILL just keep telling myself that.
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