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Default Anyone here remember Windi Earthworm??

Gee, I've never had a place I can ask this question before.....years ago, I think in 1985 or thereabouts, I saw this singer/guitarist on Granville Mall, near Georgia, who had a powerhouse rhythm guitar routine and strong, theatrical baritone, and actually managed to get usually-indifferent Vancouverites to circle and watch instead of glance and walk by (well, except for one or two people who were foolish/rude enough to walk through the circle and try to get past him as if he weren't there.....not advisable concerning the mockery they got for getting in his space ;-).

Anyway, I've had the guy's card for years; a card with no phone number and of course (it having been 1985) no email. Just wondered "who he really was" and also if anyone here knew some of his songs, or maybe the one song I'm thinking of - "this must be Metropolis, this must be Stone City" - is someone else's and someone here might know it. The guy was seminal in terms of my own singing/performance manner/style, even though I've only returned to it of late, and I've often wondered about him.....

Oh, yeah, the other distinguishing part of his gig was that he wore army/construction boots, this dark blue with pink-flowers granny dress, and looked like Riff-Raff from the Rocky Horror.....and he ROCKED.
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Default Yes I remember Windi Earthworm

You saw him in Vancouver - and I remember him from Montreal.

He used to play on the Prince-Arthur pedestrian mall and was an impressive street performer. Your description is right on the mark.

He would work Vancouver a couple of months a year (usually before Summer would start up in Montreal - or, even,when summer would start to be finishing up...).

I don't know if he ever recorded and published anything...
but he did have some incredible lyrics (and, again, he really was an impressive street performer).

He actually lived above the Henri-Richard Tavern on avenue du Parc and, if you can imagine, the Pocket Rocket used to come and personnally collect his rent from Windi every month.

Too bad no one ever captured a photo of that... 14 Stanley Cups and Mister Earthworm.

He invented a "Secretary" who used to take care of his correspondence and "sign" his grant applications and proposed contracts when negotiating for gigs.

His "Miss Whatever-her-name-was" was always a better story than a successful "Manager."

Windi moved south of Montreal to an area near the Quebec-New York border (Covey Hill near Havelock) and, besides some film work with Velcrow Ripper ( a session where Windi was playing a violin with spaghetti strings...) I lost track of him after the move.

Had his address and everything... but before visiting, finally found out he ended up like everyone from Mapplethorpe to Ron Vawter (and Ian Middleton from the Mirror days...),M1

Today I laugh ocassionally at memories of Windi and his "Agent Provocateur" style.

It also makes me smile when ocassionally, picking up a paperback copy of Three Novels by William S. Burroughs that he gave me, I see his crazy little "Windi Earthworm" signature on the title page and his little homemade book-mark made from cutting out a picture of Burroughs from Blueboy magazine.

A character...

Thanks for your post - it brought back some memories.

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Default Windi Earthworm

Lubin - I am Windi Earthworm's sister, Lori. Windi passed away in 1993 and I am looking for any info/stories/concert posters/etc. that anyone my have of my brother. He was an extrordinary man and I strive to keep his memory alive. We were extremely close when I was a little child. I have C.D.s of his music and would love to send one to you if you are interested (free of charge). I miss Windi and would like to keep in touch with those who knew him in Canada (Montreal, Covey Hill, Vancouver, Victoria, etc.) You may contact me at Sincerely, Lori Henry
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Default Skookum - I am Windi Earthworm's sister

Skookum - How good it is to hear from someone who knew my brother, Windi. Windi sucumbed to AIDS related illnesses in 1993. I am looking for anything that relates to him - stories/concert posters/his documentary that was aired on Canadian public broadcasting. He and I were very close when I was young (he was 12 years older than I). Feel free to contact me at I have c.ds. of his music that I would gladly send you (free of charge) if you would like. I am really wanting to keep Windi's memory alive. He was such a unique indavidual and someone that I loved dearly. Sincerely, Lori Henry
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