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Default Voting

Cirque Du Soleil is coming to town, and Bay Area fans have shown ABC 7 their talent. The top six videos have been chosen and now you pick the winner. Guess who made it to the final voting round?

That's right! Dan is in the FINAL 6! Winners will receive a day long experience with Cirque du Soleil during one (1) Bay Area performance of KOOZA. Prize also includes two (2) Tapis Rouge tickets to see one (1) Bay Area performance of KOOZA.

Please vote for Dan C. From San Francisco and help make Dan's dream of seeing what life at Cirque Du Soleil come true! (Please note there is also another Daniel C. from Martinez - don't vote for him!)

The voting period will last until October 1st. Please send this along to your friends, family, coworkers, etc....this is a huge opportunity for Dan! Just click on the link below to vote!
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doesnt this belong in "Hype yourself blatently here?"
or "Announcements"
not promo and marketing...

just for that I am voting for the other Daniel C from martinez.
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I voted for the guy buy the pool! That lady said something about lemons. He's great.
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Doctor Eric
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The guy by the pool is definitely rocksauce.

Daniel, I'm sorry, I wasn't able to vote for you. I clicked on your video, your music started playing and I naturally assumed my party had leveled up. We rested until our magic and hit points were at full capacity, and headed out into the enchanted forest to defeat a 16th level Ring Wyrm. Unfortunately, our healer was disabled by a drain trap in the Swamps of Kelloch, and we are now holed up next to a save point trying to fend off hordes of undead soldiers and Regenerating Necromancers. I have no idea if we can even make it back to the edge of the forest, where the inn was. If you never hear from me again, know this...

"Daniel Chan, I curse your soul!"

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