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Default Website Review....

Had my site redone. Looking for feedback.

I am already making the following changes, but feel free to mention them anyway.

Losing the music.

Changing the video to more professional stuff.

Making the font larger.

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Looks like some great suggestions so far. Play with the logo colors on the front page. It needs to stand out more. Unfortunately your original logo color's of yellow & orange may clash with your reddish background.
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It's not too bad. If you're not going for high paying corporates, it's fine. I don't know if you can change the template much, but this is what I'd say...[list=1][*] remove the whole top row with music controls and contact info so your photo is at the top [*] put your contact info where the youtube link is. You don't need a youtube link. ever.[*] you're selling a friendly personality so, it would be good if you have a photo a little closer up and looking more at the camera[*] the gallery was a waste of my time. Either have photos that give me more information or take it out[*] gimme two more sentences that actually describe your show on the show page and add photos[*] text is too small everywhere I noticed on the reviews page where I didn't want to read through the pain[*] I would make the text of your logo in white because just red on black is code for "warning!" and it doesn't balance your photo[/list=1]

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dave walbridge
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Default your web site

very professional look -- I might move a few things around:

top needs a headline

reviews under -- ad more. they are your #1 selling point

your photos need to show more of who your show is

move contact info to bottom

change text dont start with 'second city trained'...start with 'comedy superhero' -- thats your brand.


PS pet peeve -- a grey costume shirt?
David Walbridge
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