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Embarrassed R I P Albert Owens

Legendary Street performer Albert Owens passed away in Europe after he suffered an Epileptic attack and hit his head.
Albert was the last of the stand up comedians to work the fountain in Washington Square park.
Albert shared the legendary pitch with the late great Charlie Barnett and Rick Avilez in the 80's may they all rest in peace.

Ironically now that they have all left us Washington Square park is now closed off to the public for reconstruction it will re open in the next 3 to 5 years.

Special thanks,

CP Lacey and Tic and Tac

For the information needed
To post this...

R I P Al you will be missed

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I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet him while I was in NYC. He reminded me what I was doing wrong in my new smaller show, and helped me enjoy it! Glad I had the sense to shut up and listen for a change. Happy he made it back to Europe it seemed that's where he was the happiest. Spent a lot time talking to me about Spain, and how he wanted to go back. He'll be missed, everyone I spoke to who knew of him had a story. I hope they come out here.

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Default rip

I worked in nyc in '84 and I remember seeing a black man doing stand up comedy on a caddy corner off central park near columbus ave. He had the biggest crowds of any one I saw there.If I ever change my show again, through his infuence It would be stand up comedy.
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I got to know Albert in 1994 when he spent a year in London. His act never really worked in Covent Garden, but the other performers all knew how talented he really was.

Luckily, in the the summer of 1995 I paid a quick visit to Washington Square and got to see Albert back on his home turf showing off his skill, confidence and radiant charm to an adoring audience. That was the last time I saw him but I can still remember the smile on his face and the joy he created there in the park.

thanks Albert,

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Default Memories Of Albert Owens

I first met Albert in NYC at Columbus Circle. I had been doing standup in Washington DC for a couple of years and had come to the big apple to challenge my comic chops. My first stop was street performing and had been told Columbus Circle during lunch was a good place to work. Albert was there when I arrived entertaining a good sized crowd on a spring afternoon. I watched and laughed and waited until he was finished before approaching him. He was bemused by me asking him to introduce me so I could perhaps make a few dollars. That first summer, 1985 I believe, Albert and I would work many shows back to back. We'd intro each other a few times, then hit a spot not far away for lunch. Whiting sandwiches on whole wheat for a buck seventy five a pop. When I went down to Washington Square Park, Albert was there too. Working, always working. He had jokes, songs and more jokes. For the next ten summers or so, Albert and I were among the last regular comics to work the streets. We saw the sad passing of Rick Aviles and Charlie Barnett, two legends of the street. What I loved about Albert was his passion for performing. He made it look easy, but the fact is, doing standup on the street is one of the more difficult forms of the art. I last saw Albert a couple of months before he passed on. We talked about the old days and what it meant to spend the lions share of a life trying to make people laugh. Rest well my brother, and thanks for all the wisdom you shared with me about white folks.
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