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Default Larry Norman

It's not so much about what he, himself, created as a musician, as much as it's about who he influenced through what he created. So many people who have gone on to do massive things in this world attribute Larry Norman as their inspiration.
He was made for a very clear purpose in a very specific time and place. Any element out of place and he wouldn't have had nearly the effect he did. He was, in every way, of another world.
He's called "The Grandfather of Christian Rock". I'd say he was the original "Jesus Freak" but he actually sort of hated those guys. They were posers and were trying way too hard to BE something.
Imagine this -- Larry opened for Hendrix and Joplin and the like with songs that were clearly about Jesus... and people were digging it.
No matter what you think of his subject matter, the man was an absolute enigma and quite an addictive personality. ...partially because he was such an enigma. He was full of love and he wore it on his sleeve. He had no public persona. He was just himself, on a large scale.
His life was such that if you didn't know him you'd never believe that one person could have so many so many equally tragic and brilliant experiences in one lifetime.

He was my very dear friend and my heart hurts at the loss.
I suffer from a lot of regrets now that he's gone.
We hadn't spoken in quite a while and I had been trying to call him for the past 2 weeks, having the sense that I didn't have much time left. I never got a hold of him. Now I know why.

I too have been greatly inspired by his person and I miss him.


...He'd make a point of referring to me as "Beautiful Girl" when most others would refer to me as "Retch". I really, really miss his presence.
Well, maybe I WILL just keep telling myself that.

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