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The Amazing Beaumanz
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Default uncool??

Does anyone else think this is uncool???

A certain performer shows up to a pitch without a permit and asks one of local performers if he could do a show. This performer has been to the pitch before and is fully aware of the rules of city. No fire, etc.

The performer with the permit tells the without, to go ahead and perform. (I think this was cool)

The one with out the permit blatantly ignores the rules and fires up his torches and procedes to do a show. Pissing everyone off, including business and city officials.( I think this is uncool!!!)

Why would you risk shutting down an event that has been going really good for quite a few years?? You know the rules of that pitch and yet you direspected everyone there!!!!
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Uncool for sure.
I dislike any performer who puts a pitch at risk.
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Daniel Craig
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Yep. Dealt with a couple of those myself this year.

Completely uncool.
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I don't think it's necessarily uncool. Rebellion, ignorance, pissing people off = all traces of many acts of coolness.

I think you're using the wrong word. You probably mean "uncouth" which is generally an uncool word.

When trying to figure if something is cool, I usually run it through my dcc filter. Is this action the kind that would be taken by johnny Depp, jesus Christ, or eric Cash?
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Default Mr. Cool

There is really only one definitive test:

Would Tom Waits do it?
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