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Randy Charach

What came first, the chicken or the egg? That popular old adage reminds me of a question that all entertainers-for-hire need to ask ourselves.

What comes first, the Show or the Business? Well in this case, yes, the show comes first - only initially though. Once we have established a solid act or show, we need to focus on the business part of the equation. As obvious as this seems, most entertainers neglect the business "stuff". Understandably, so.

Woody Allen said, "Eighty percent of success is showing up." Eighty percent of your success as a "working" entertainer depends on your marketing and business skills and activities.

I suggest that you make a concerted effort to split your focus. Study marketing and advertising, take some risks, learn to enjoy it. The results will be rewarding for you in many ways.

When you go out to perform, do you present the exact same show every time? Do you say the exact same words, delivered the same way — every time? I hope not.

If you do not alter your performance to suit your audience, then are you also assuming that every audience is exactly the same? Of course they are not, and therefore it stands to reason that you adjust your performance to suit your audience.

Just as the people in your audience vary based on demographics and a variety of other circumstances, so do the individual potential clients that you market to. So this begs the question, do you always present the same sales message in your promotional material and marketing efforts?

Okay, this is where the rubber meets the road. What I am going to tell you now is something that is rarely done, yet it separates the high income earners in our business from those who are unable to fill their calendar as they would like to.

You need to have separate printed material, web sites, video demos, stationery, sales letters, guarantees, bonuses, headlines, presentations and offers that are highly targeted. While the pieces must vary according to your target audience, there should be consistency within certain areas of your message and design. In other words, you are still selling "you" and your unique identity, but in different packages in order to appeal to a variety of buyers. You should create templates and then make adjustments based on your individual campaigns.

So, just as you plan your show based on your specific audience, take the same approach to your marketing, and you will find yourself in higher demand and at higher fees. You can start now by examining your current material and breaking apart varying messages to different audiences. Separate incongruent components and create individual pieces accordingly.

Does this mean that a catch-all web site, video or printed piece is not needed at all?

No, actually, you need that too. There are certain buyers of your services such as agents, event planners, and speaker bureaus that are experienced in booking talent and want to see the whole picture. You target these types of buyers with a general piece AND provide them with individually targeted marketing devices that they can present to their less experienced clients.

Performing a few children oriented routines when performing for an all adult audience makes about as much sense as sending out a "Juggler for all Occasion" advertising piece. Do not overestimate the abilities of your potential clients to discern whether or not you can effectively entertain their group when you provide them with anything less than a targeted message specifically aimed at them and their needs.

Look, you better believe that if you are ever competing against me for a job, and your material is not targeted, I will get the gig and you will not. And believe me, my fee will be substantial. Why? My material will touch the very nerve of the buyer and they will want me regardless of cost. This is not theory. I challenge you to compete with me and frankly, hope you win a few. Why?

It means that this article and my teaching are working for you. That is a new challenge for me and so far is quite satisfying.

Randy Charach

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