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The library consists of articles, resources, festival reports, and general performing information submitted by performers, for performers. All information is free to read and print for your own personal use. Please do not distribute, publish, or re-post any of these articles without permission of the author. We'd love to see this resource expand and the only way it will, is if YOU contribute. If you'd like to add an article to the library, read submission guidelines and submit articles here.

(These articles are currently in chronological order of when they were submitted to me. Once they start to get out of hand I'll design a more organized system.)

If you enjoy or benefit from any articles, please THANK the authors!

Featured Authors
reb boyd
david cassel
Hitting The Bricks - (Getting Started Busking)
Anchors - (Gathering a Crowd)
The Prize of Gent - A European Festival Story
martin ewen
randy charach
Sales Letters- What is a sales letter? How do I write one?
The Ultimate Prediction - Read the minds of your potential clients
Targeted Marketing- Tailor your promo for specific markets
John Kaplan Interview - A chat about profitable theater tours
steven ragatz
Tips on Street Performing - Some words of wisdom
How Are We perceived? - Is your act right for the venue?
Living With Your Fee - So how much do you charge???
Wanted - Free Busker Act - Should you do a gig for free?
Those Tiny Voices - Taking Risks on Stage
taxi trix
Saved by the Butterfly - Another Robert Nelson story.
Hat Line Limericks - A different approach to passing the hat.
Round, Clear Silence - Bubbles in Halifax.
Street Performing for Dummies - Down to Basics
Chatting Up Cash - The Art of The Hat Line
Party Soccer Magic - A game's time traveling influence

More Authors More Articles (Links may be to other sites.)
ned landin Street Performing - Benefits to Society
Be sure to click through all 9 pages.
brian wilson How to Deal with Hecklers
A Pro-Heckler Response
david pendery Boston Subway Music - Musica Subterrania
A guide to the underground pitches and players of Boston.
drew richardson How to Steal Material without getting caught
A workshop applying creativity tools to physical comedy.
bruce johnson Are You Creative?
The Problem of Clown Plagiarism
Are You A Clown Or A Bogeyman?
Controlling Focus
Critique Part One: Being Critiqued
Critique Part Two: Giving Critiques
Entertaining Audiences With Special Needs
peter bennett A 'Glass Harper' Busks Across The USA
Candid pitch reviews and travel notes
Bar Harbor, Maine
You never know until you ask
Balloon Busking (With an emphasis on performance!)
THE Guide to Balloons and Ballooning
Warning: Amazingly HUGE amount of information.

To add an article to the library, please
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Ideas for library articles YOU could write:
• Description of a street performing pitch in your town
• Description of any street performing pitch not written about yet
• Promo/Marketing tips
• Thoughts on getting started performing
• Thoughts on hat lines
• Thoughts on getting material/identifying your character
• Reviews of an ongoing festival
• Reviews of a particular market (i.e. schools, colleges, corporate, cruise ships)
• Travel tips for busking through a particular country or continent

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