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Round Clear Silence
Taxi Trix

I arrived in Halifax midday, was given my apartment key, and let the world spin by awhile. John came later. He is a human statue act. When you ask John what he does, he looks you dead in the face and says, "Fuck all." He is a fantastic statue, though. Wears an otherworldly costume, with a conical hat, and blows bubbles from a plastic sword. I'm very biased towards skills and comedy, but I love to watch John. So do people. John transports them into a state of wonder, and causes curious whispers of "look there." I met him at the Singapore River Buskers Festival, and found this redheaded Londoner much to my liking.

Dextre Tripp came later that day, long and lanky with a fantastic rope walking show. The three of us were to tour Saint John's and Sydney before doing Halifax, and were glad to meet. We spent the day cruising the city, looking over the pitches, and had dinner together, winding up back in John's apartment at 11-ish, breathless with word-filled attempts to validate ourselves to each other and explore laughter and companionship.

I walked out to the balcony, and there was the bubble sword. Irresistible. Picking it up, I blew a few bubbles, and as we were on the 4th floor, they lingered for a long time. John took the sword and blew some with smoke inside. Magical. He did more, perfectly clear, and the many years spent working the sword showed. He held and moved the sword using his wrist, the air, the balcony itself to its best advantage. His bubbles had a certainty; mastery creeps up on performers.

John pointed out something as we stood watching. It was an unusually humid night. The bubbles were not sinking. They either followed the breeze, hovering, or floated up.

We paid close attention, focusing. Three very talkative types became silent as the bubbles caused quiet. We were swept inside them, glad to go. They floated over Halifax. We lingered long, watching.

I knew it was going to be a fantastic summer.

Taxi Trix

Taxi Trix is originally from Queens, NY but now lives in western Connecticut. He has a really cool home and enjoys hosting guests from New Zealand.

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